ABOUt yarn punk

Yarn Punk encapsulates more than just a style; It is a genre, mentality, and unfolding story. There is a stereotype that many of us are too aware of; an old lady that is in bed by 7 with her yarn. (If you ask me, that sounds pretty wonderful!) However, for many that are involved in the fiber arts, that type of depiction doesn’t feel like “home”. I myself have found that stereotype endearing, but I never resonated with that view. 

This is a movement to show the world that individuals can be stitched up in different ways and our colors illuminate through the things that we create. Being comfortable to break the mold.  


To me, being Punk is going against the mold and being true to oneself. In today’s ever growing age of tech, being seen with anything else besides something digital in our hands is unheard of; Yarn Punk is for those who wouldn’t want anything other than yarn in our hands.

There is a common association when you think of the word Punk and the look that follows; Yarn Punk does not fill a visible requirement. No certain sex, age, style, or race can exclude you from being part of this community. Yarn is cool, and as Yarn Punk, it is your moral responsibility to show that off to the world.


A little bit rock n' roll

Let’s talk about the Rock ‘n’ Roll side of Yarn Punk; with a heavy emphasis on the importance of music and sound, we can all find some type of commonality with audio. As long as a certain sound (music and any audio of any kind) can evoke emotion, many of us connect in that way. You are in charge of what your Rock “n” Roll truth is, and we will be keeping that alive through yarn forever ages to come!



And with that, the rest of Yarn Punk is open to YOUR interpretation. Being a Yarn Punk allows for you to create a better you and to chase what brings you fulfillment, with yarn being that bridge to do so. Just remember, just because someone may have a different style and do things a little bit different, you are equally as special. You are an equal to those who also call themselves a Yarn Punk. I am so happy to have you involved!